GM Lema, GM Ybanez


Welcome to the home of the Lema Scientific Kali Arnis System club (LESKAS Seattle, USA). LESKAS is a Filipino martial art that focuses on practical self-defense, and was founded by Maestro Elmer Ybanez. LESKAS is the sister organization of the Lightning Scientific Arnis International organization (LSAI).

Seattle Club Information
We are a non-profit Filipino Martial Arts club and have been active in Seattle since 1998. Our curriculum is varied, but almost every class will include extensive stick work. There is no beginners/advanced classes, and all our club members train as a group.

Class times: Weds evenings from 7:30 – 9pm, and Saturday mornings from 10-1pm.

Classes are run by Guro Bob Park or Ryan Greene, with assistance from senior club members. We are located at the

Lake Forest Park Montessori gym
19935 19th Ave NE in Shoreline (North Seattle)

When you pull into the lot, there’s a little gate to your left. Enter here and walk around to the left side where the gym is located.

Price: $50 a month, $15 to drop in.

LESKAS and Lightning Scientific Arnis system info
Like many Filipino martial arts, we regularly train in stickfighting along with blade and empty handed techniques. Stylistically, the LESKAS/Lightning Scientific system is characterized by it’s speed, power, and tactical setup of an opponent, be they armed, or unarmed. The fighter is always coiled and ready to explode with tremendous force. The system is designed to maximize power and efficiency in a strike, yet never to the detriment of defensive tactics.

Although a LESKAS stickfighter may work at varying ranges, be it long, medium, or close, the style is generally recognized for it’s aggressive jamming and hard-hitting medium/close range strikes, which tend to smother an opponent, leaving them little opportunity for counters.

Weapons used include: Single Stick, Stick and Dagger, Double Stick, Knife, and Empty-Hand.